We are a Japan-based medical device and diagnostic IVD supplier and solutions provider. When BIC GROUP started the BIC Medical division in 2020, our aim was to provide COVID-19 testing products and services to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The BIC Medical division has played a vital role in providing COVID-19 testing products and services to combat the pandemic.

Now, we are working collaboratively with Japan’s medical manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and healthcare professionals to source innovative medical products from leading manufacturers worldwide. In addition to acting as a distributor, we are also working on marketing our own range of innovative, high-quality, and affordable products.
BIC Medical’s mission is to play a role in advancing healthcare practices, enhancing patient outcomes, and addressing various healthcare challenges worldwide.

BIC has First-Class (allowed to handle all classes) Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) licenses, Manufacturing licenses (packaging, labeling, and storage), and Sales licenses for Medical Devices and IVDs.

BIC Medical is a division of BIC GROUP, a healthcare company that engages in the sales of products and consulting services.